Finding files with tiny fruit

I had to rename a bunch of variables in my current project and I wanted to know which files needed adjusting. Problem is, I’m on Windows, and searching for anything in Windows blows really hard. Even Google Desktop with the any-text-file-indexer wasn’t as helpful as I’d like. So, I wrote this tiny tiny plugin that gives you a command line search for your Rails project.

ruby script/plugin install

Because rake + grep = grape. I know, I’m brilliant, I know. Now I can regexp-search my whole Rails project from the command line:

rake grape q="chunky bacon"

It’s case-insensitive by default, but you can change that by tacking cs= at the end. Grape will then tell you how many files match, and list them with line numbers of matching lines. It searches Ruby files, ®HTML, ®XML, RJS and JavaScript files, CSS, ERB, rakefiles, YAML, SQL, plain text, (f)cgi and htaccess. If I’ve left anything off the list don’t hesitate to tell me.

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