Self-currying JavaScript functions

I’m telling you, this language keeps surprising me. You’ll need Prototype for this one.

Function.prototype.toSelfCurrying = function(n) {
  n = n || this.length;
  var method = this;
  return function() {
    if (arguments.length >= n) return method.apply(this, arguments);
    return method.curry.apply(arguments.callee, arguments);

Make a simple function:

var adder = function(a,b,c) {
  return a + b + c;

And curry away:

var add = adder.toSelfCurrying();

add(1)(2)(3)  // --> 6
add(7,8)(23)  // --> 38

Every call to add returns a curried version of add, until the required number of arguments have been supplied. When all arguments are present, you get a return value.

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