Bluff 0.3.6: tooltips, dot graphs and sundry bug fixes

A year to the day since the initial release, and following the new release of Gruff a couple of weeks ago, I’m happy to announce the release of Bluff 0.3.6.

This is largely a maintenance release that pulls in patches that have gone into Gruff in the past twelve months, but it does introduce a couple of new features. We’ve added the Dot graph type that’s new in the latest Gruff release, and we’ve also added tooltip support to line and bar graphs, which you can see in action on the home page as we speak. This gives you a little mouseover-triggered bubble over data points so users can see the exact value. (Side note: pie charts are now labelled with raw values rather than percentages.) This feature was kindly sponsored by CrimsonJet, makers of Appstatz which seems to be making nice use of Bluff.

The only other major changes are now optional settings, all of which are listed in the API reference. They include title_margin, legend_margin, dot_radius, line_width, bar_spacing, and hide_labels_less_than. As usual, get the download from the Bluff home page.