JS.Class and Helium updates

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve pushed out new minor releases of JS.Class and Helium tonight. The updates in JS.Class 2.1.4 center around a totally rewritten package manager that uses an event cycle to trigger dependency downloads instead of polling packages to find out when they’re ready to load; this should make a little more efficient. I also managed to remove JS.Package’s dependency on the core, meaning the package loader is completely decoupled and much smaller, coming in at a measly 2.5kB when gzipped. Should shave a few milliseconds off your load time.

Helium 0.1.2 improves its handling of how branches and tags are mapped to commit IDs, so it can cope with multiple heads referring to the same commit and should always pick the latest commit from a branch correctly. Do let me know if you find bugs in either.