Terminus 0.5: now with Capybara 2.0 support and remote debugging

You might remember from my previous post that Terminus is a Capybara driver that lets you run your integration tests on any web browser on any device. Well, in mid-November Capybara 2.0 came out, and since I was at the excellent RuPy conference at the time, my conf hack project became getting Terminus compatible with this new release.

I almost finished it that weekend, but not quite, and as always once you’re home and back at work you lose focus on side projects. But, for my final release of 2012, I can happily announce Terminus 0.5 is released, and makes Terminus compatible with both Capybara 1.1 and 2.0. It’s mostly a compatibility update but it adds a couple of new features. First, Capybara’s screenshot API is supported when running tests with PhantomJS:


And, it supports the PhantomJS remote debugger. You can call this API:


This will pause the test execution, and open the WebKit remote debugger in Chrome so you can interact with the PhantomJS runtime through the WebKit developer tools. When testing on other browsers it simply pauses execution so you can inspect the browser where the tests are running.

As usual, ping the GitHub project if you find bugs.

Happy new year!