Conference talks

This is a collection of recordings from conference talks I have given, covering a range of topics from practical web application development techniques to more conceptual computer science ideas. A list of conferences for which no recording is available appears below.

Breaking changes
Code Mesh, London, November 2018

Confident unit testing
ScotlandJS, Edinburgh, July 2018

Breaking changes
JSConf EU, Berlin, June 2018

Why recursion matters
RubyConf, Cincinnati, November 2016

Practical functional programming: pick two
JSConf EU, Berlin, September 2014

Make: the forgotten build tool
ScotlandJS, Edinburgh, May 2014

A language in 20 minutes
FutureJS, Barcelona, May 2014

All your browsers are belong to me
JSConf EU, Berlin, September 2011

Faye: an event-driven app
RubyConf, New Orleans, November 2010

Other appearances

As well as the recordings embedded above, I have given talks at the following events but am not currently aware of any recordings of these talks.

  • Removing query methods saved my code, with Tom Stuart, at Eurucamp, Berlin, 2013
  • Security socket applications at Realtime Conf EU, Lyon, April 2013
  • Breaking the big ball of mud at RuPy, Brno, and at Future of Web Apps, Prague, November 2012
  • Do I need DI? Eurucamp, Berlin, August 2012
  • Automated testing across the multi-platform web at Future of Web Design, London, May 2012
  • Primer: the cache that knows too much at Red Dirt RubyConf, Oklahoma City, April 2011
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